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      Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

      Do you want massive clarity on your brand, goals & vision?

      I have partnered up with the fabulous Meg Buzza, to give actors and artists the unparalleled advantage they need in our competitive industry.


      THE PROBLEM: We often hear actors, dancers and performers complain that they feel confused about what their "looks" should be - stressed about what reps and casting directors want, or how they can show up more authentically.




      STEP 1: You and Meg will do a deep-dive 1 hour coaching session via Zoom to get clear on your brand and dream career, while also addressing underlying fears and self-sabotaging storylines that are holding you back!


      STEP 2: You will have 1-2 weeks to hone your looks and get feedback from Meg and myself.


      STEP 3: Enjoy the easiest headshot session of your life! My top priority is to create a safe and fun environment where you will fully-shine! And your photos will be available online same-day! This package also includes 3 FREE edits.

      Click on the link below to meet Meg and book your FREE 15 min consultation! 

      Meet Meg here!

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