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brokeN 2020 video





They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. With that being said,

I feel I have a responsibility to my “vision” and the legacy of brokeN to set the record straight.


I created brokeN amidst the chaos we now call 2020. A way to creatively document the pandemic, social/political unrest and the collective heavy feeling of the unknown. We were all feeling a little lost and at times brokeN. My intention was to create a safe place for people to purge their feelings and frustrations. Hoping that they would discover that they were not alone. It was therapy for me to witness and I hope healing to those involved. All 62 people who participated.


I am hopeful that brokeN’s journey has just begun. And that this series will find its way out into the world on a grander scale.

 brokeN was a “collaboration” amongst many through their participation in the series but the idea of brokeN was not a collaboration. It’s originality and energy was formed by me, and no one else.

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