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      Your shoot

      Looking forward to our shoot! Here's a few tidbits before you book.


      Once you are scheduled and the deposit has been paid, you will receive an email with shoot info.  Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions. PLEASE read everything, so you are properly prepared for our shoot.


      I keep my shoots light and fun, especially when shooting the kiddos. I ask that parents/guardians, or anyone accompanying you to the shoot, are mindful of the energy that they bring. My top priority is to keep whomever I am shooting happy and comfortable so we can get the best pictures possible! 

      You will receive a downloadable gallery the day of your shoot with ALL of your pictures. Galleries are up for 21 days before they are deleted. There are two versions available: web size and high resolution (download both!). There will be a $25 fee to reload your gallery after the 21 day mark. So make sure you download your pics!

      Music is a big part of my shoots, so feel free to make requests or let me know ahead of time who you want to jam out to.

      Can't wait to make some magic with you!


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